I love to treat my body to a little cleanse every few months or so, especially after holiday season!

I am currently on day two of the ‘cleanse and restore’ program that DoTERRA provides, so I thought I would share with you a little about what I am doing.

The cleanse and restore program consists of a range of supplements all designed to replenish your body with all of the god stuff, vitamins, minerals, omegas, enzymes, as well as flushing the gut of all the crap, then replenishing it with good probiotics. I feel absolutely amazing when I do this cleanse!

Beside are the products that I use, and the protocol that I follow.

Here is some more amazing info about the cleanse products my Dr Hill, who is the head honcho over at DoTERRA HQ.

I usually facilitate a group cleanse so that a few of us can do it together and we can help and support each other along the way, if you would like to jump in on the next one or get some more info on the products feel free to message me.

As well as taking these radass supplements, I make sure that I am nourishing my body with lots of healthy food, drink tons of water, and move my body everyday. Of course we use essential oils to support our body in the process also, oils like peppermint and ice blue to help with any head tension from the caffine withdrawal, essential oil tea with the metabolic blend ‘smart and sassy’ to curb sugar cravings, we rub the detoxification blend ‘zendocrine’ over our organs to help them ditch the toxicity, and we nourish our bodies with Epsom salt baths infused with beautiful calming oils like lavender peace and balance…. Ahhhh makes the whole experience just LUSH.


no matter what kind of detox or cleanse you are doing, the first few days of a cleanse can sometimes have you feeling a bit crappier than expected. Especially if you are cutting out processed sugar, caffeine or alcochol.
Below are my saviour products for detox support!
~ lots of WATER!!
~ PEPPERMINT essential oil for any head tension that you may feel from caffeine or sugar withdrawal, simply apply to the temples, base of neck and crown of head (diluted) for instant relief!
~ ICE BLUE muscular blend for any aches muscles, tightness in neck or lower back.
~ DIGESTZEN diluted and applied to the tummy for felief from bloating or blockages in the digestive system.
~ EPSOM SALT + MAGNESIUM BATHS – treat your body with care, especially for the first few days, the poor thing is working hard to rid itself from toxins! Epsom salts are great for assisting the body in drawing out toxic crap, as well as magnesium, and is sooooo relaxing and lush for the body, add some calming oils to the salts before putting them in the bath, like lavender peace, frankincense, balance etc
~ EXERCISE is super important, even a brisk morning or afternoon walk to get the blood flowing, it wont take much to work up a sweat in this heat, so ANYTHING is good! I find a walk really clear my mental state and gives me a boost of energy!

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