Do you run your own beauty parlour? Chiropractor? Clinic? Yoga studio? Wellness retreat? Healthfood store? Hairdressing salon? Or anything similar?

This post is for you!

Did you know that you can become a stockiest for doterra products?

Not only their amazing essential oils, but all of their other health and body products also like their shampoo & conditioner, hair serum, skin care ranges, toothpaste, natural cleaning products, spa range……

Doterra is a company of high integrity, with ethical standards in sourcing and production like no other I have seen. Delight yourself and your customers with their amazing products while knowing that you are supporting farmers, (including Australian farmers), as well as farmers all around the world, including 20 developing countries. Check out this video all about their co-impact sourcing methods here.

All of these heart warming foundations, while adding an array of beautiful products to your current service.

I would love to work with you in creating your vision incorporating Doterra.

The option that is most popular to business owners, for various reasons, is the oil sharing kit.

This kit is ideal for businesses as it comes with several bottles of our popular oils, giving you an instant collection of stock, as well as various information sheets and price lists etc.

It gives you a free wholesale membership, which will allow you to re-purchase stock online at 25% off retail price from your own online store.

You also start out on a 20% loyalty rewards point return (meaning that you are then effectively saving 45% off retail price, and this percentage will go up to 55% the longer you are a client).

You will receive 200 credit points (approx. $250) to purchase other products.

On top of this, you will get points back for shipping meaning your shipping is 100% free for local orders!

I also offer a free one hour business consult to help you in establishing the incorporation of doterra into your current services, set up your account, and teach you all about ordering and everything else that you need to know.

The income potential within doterra is extremely generous; the potential for growth in Australia is astronomical. You have various options on taking this journey with doterra where ever you want it to go, and all of these options we will discuss in our mentoring session upon ordering.

If this interests you, I would love to work with you! Shoot me an email at, phone me on 0400181732, or message me below and we can arrange your best options.

I look forward to partnering with you and supporting you on this journey.


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