Well, its that time again… gee holidays go quickly! I actually LOVE school holidays, the ‘no rush’ mornings, super fun days and no routine.

However all good things come to an end huh…

Below are my favourite back to school essential oils to support a healthy transition both physically and emotionally for the little peeps.

~ON GUARD is the immune protective blend and this is a must have for the mumma’s! this little gem helps to strengthen and support the immune system. We use this oil daily, my children have a roller bottle on their bedside table and they roll it onto the bottom of their feet before bed. This helps to give them an extra immune boost and fight off any nasties that they may have come in contact with through out the day.

~ DIGESTZEN rolled on the tummy to calm any first day nerves. As well as being an AMAZING support for the digestive system, so all things blockages, tummy bugs etc. simply rubbing this blend diluted on the tummy in a clock wise direction brings great relief from any of the above!

~ TEA TREE + LAVENDER is my ‘ouchie’ blend! 5 drops of each in a roller topped up with fractionated coconut oil is very soothing and calming for any bites, stings, grazes etc. I send my littlies to school with a roller of this in their school bag.

~ BALANCE is the grounding blend and is great for helping to calm any nerves or anxious feelings associated with starting or returning to school. We use a drop of this bend in the palm of our hands and inhale in the car on our way.

~ CONSOLEis the comforting blend, and this is the one I call the ‘big warm hug’ oil. My youngest takes a roller of console when she feels like she is missing mummy, or needs some extra love and care. She uses this over her heart chakra.

~ INTUNE focus blend is absolutely awesome for promoting focus in the classroom. I notice a huge difference in my eldest child when he uses this. He is much more focused, is able to concentrate for longer, gets less frustrated, and less distracted by others around him.

~ PEACE reassuring blend is very calming for the central nervous system, this blend is great for anxious feelings and stress. It is also fantastic for helping to calm the mind and allow my little ones to focus on one thing at a time rather than feeling frantic and scattered.

I hope you enjoyed these little back to school tips!

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